Orbit Money User Policy: Guidelines and Responsibilities

You agree that by using or accessing Orbit Money website(s) and services and your Orbit account, you will not become involved in any of the industries mentioned below or any related activities. Neither will you be fully, partially, directly or indirectly involved in such transactions in accordance with the following sectors:

Prohibited Industries:

  • Adult content and services including pornography, prostitution, and escort services
  • Alcohol business
  • Tobacco business
  • Cannabis, including products containing CBD and marijuana trade whether it is legal or illegal
  • Controlled substances that may cause risk to a consumer’s health and safety
  • Drugs or any content used to make them
  • Online pharmacies
  • Any pharmaceutical products that are not approved by regulatory bodies
  • Chemicals
  • Counterfeit goods and services
  • Gambling of any kind, including but not limited to casinos
  • Products and services that infringe proprietary rights or intellectual property
  • Products and services that are not legal in your jurisdiction
  • Money service business
  • Cryptocurrency and virtual currency
  • Individuals, entities, or countries which are subject to sanctions
  • Military and weaponry goods and services
  • Dangerous animal species
  • Get rich schemes and multi-level marketing pyramids
  • Products and services which violate human rights and promote hatred and discrimination

Your Responsibility:

You confirm that by using or accessing Orbit Money website(s) and services and your Orbit account, you take full responsibility for adhering to your jurisdiction's applicable laws and regulations.

Usage Agreement:

You agree that you will not misuse your Orbit account nor expose to problems, complaints, or disputes of any sort.

Non-Damage Consent:

Reading this, you consent to not damage or harm our website(s) and services, our equipment and network, our software and systems whether it is operated by Orbit Money or on behalf of Orbit Money or any of its services.

Breach Consequences:

You agree that Orbit Money, on its own, decides whether you have breached our customer agreement or this acceptable user policy and may subsequently hold or close your Orbit account and restrict or terminate your access to Orbit Money's website(s) and services.

Consequences of Breach:

  • Hold or revoke your usage or access to our website(s) and services
  • Hold or cancel your transaction(s) on Orbit Money
  • Issue you a warning and take legal action against you to for reimbursement on an "all-expense" basis
  • Report and disclose your information to the law enforcement authorities

Policy Changes:

Occasionally we will modify our acceptable user policy. If the changes are significant, we will give advance notification of at least 30 days by email we have on file before publishing the changes. The changes will be effective immediately once they are published.